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To help satisfy the growing worldwide demand for quality outsourcing alternatives, Matrix, the leading IT solutions vendor in Israel, created Talpiot, in modern state of the art facilities, close to the center of Israel. Talpiot offers world-class technology solutions and experienced and highly trained professionals at very competitive rates.

The Talpiot Advantage
Outsourced technology projects must have the support of a strong technology company to make sure the right tools and the right people are on the job. Matrix / Talpiot has that and more. But technology itself is not enough.

Matrix and Talpiot have gone to great lengths to help your company succeed and gain a competitive advantage. Our commitment to our clients allows us to offer an unparalleled offshore environment that minimizes risks and maximizes the return on your development investment.

Extensive studies show that there are three primary reasons outsourced projects fail:

Communication and Culture
Time Differences
Quality of Work

Communication and Culture:
Strong communication is crucial for the success of outsourced projects. But language and cultural differences can be formidable barriers to overcome.
Even when English is spoken, accents are frequently difficult to decipher. A lack of familiarity with Western business attitudes and expectations can further hinder success and frustrate even well organized projects.
Talpiot is staffed with large numbers of native English speakers. In addition, Israel is both culturally and business-wise attuned to the west and offers a friendly and highly developed business environment.

Time Differences:
Israel is only seven time zones from New York City - 9am is only 4pm in Israel.
This means that scheduling status meetings and telephone or video conferences won´t have you waking up in the middle of the night trying to do your work. Other outsourcing alternatives are sometimes as much as ten or eleven time zones away ­ making it difficult to keep track of your project and your people.

Quality of Work:
The most frequently heard complaint about offshore development is the quality of the work.
Too often, work and coding standards are lax and sometimes must be redone.

At Talpiot we offer:

Intensive screening of employee candidates.
BA or Engineering degree is required of all employees.
A highly motivated and stable work force.
Over 90% annual retention rate.
Practically unlimited pool of qualified candidates.
Strong English language skills.
Outstanding experienced team leaders & project managers.
Specialized Training.

The Talpiot outsourcing center is fully supported by the extensive expertise of Matrix Technology, assuring you the best technology available ­ at an affordable price.

Matrix offers the quality, performance and professionalism of a modern, western country, at third world prices!
Ian Marriot, Gartner expert analyst on Offshore activities:
"Matrix prices are very very competitive with India. Matrix prices are what Gartner saw in India about two years ago".
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